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Finite element analysis

CEWAC has the competences and software necessary to help customers with the design of their products and the calculation of welds or modelling of mechanical or hydraulic problems. 

The used software packages are essentially: SOLIDWORKS, COSMOS and FLOWORKS.


Finite element analysis helps to determine the stresses, distortions and displacements of structures subject to various loads. This analysis is based on geometry, laws of material behaviour, boundary conditions and load cases. The application used for this analysis is COSMOS Work.
Application fields: Validation, design…


CEWAC can carry out theoretical and analytical finite element analysis and experimental modelling of industrial flows. Moreover CEWAC has a high speed and 2 infrared cameras enabling us to visualize the flow.
For the finite element modelling, scientific computations are made by means of the CosmosFloworks software.


Here are some examples:

Flow simulation in a ball valve.

Flow simulation in a light liquid separator.


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