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Medical applications

CEWAC develops more and more of its study and research activities in the medical sector and especially in the development of medical devices that administer a liquid from a flexible pouch to a patient.

The course for this type of applied research that leads to the manufacturing of industrial prototypes is the following: theoretical study plans design (SOLIDWORKS), finite element analysis verification (COSMOSWorks), pre-prototype fabrication and characterization (development of specific tests, fatigue tests) followed by the prototyping phase and the production of pilot lots.


Autonomous portable infusion set

Designed for emergency situations and disaster plans, its operation is based on a patented pressurization mechanism for a drip pouch. Completely autonomous, the energy is accumulated by springs, it enables a rescue worker to be available to give medical assistance to another victim. It delivers the infusion liquid with a constant pressure of 150 mbar +/- 5 %.


Infiltrator device to dilute fatty tissue

Designed for use during cosmetic surgery and especially for the infiltration of fat diluent before liposuction; its operation is based on another patented pressurization mechanism for infusion pouches. This device can deliver the product at a constant pressure of 1000 mbar +/-3% that is adjustable by steps of 100 mbar.

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