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Environmental applications

For several years, the CEWAC has been a specialist in industrial and environmental hydromechanics and this mainly in the research and development of products related to water treatment.

The usual course for this kind of applied research leading to industrial prototype manufacturing is the following: theoretical study, project design (SOLIDWORKS), finite element analysis verification (COSMOSWORKS), pre-prototype manufacturing and characterization (development of specific tests, fatigue tests) followed by the prototyping phase and the production of pre-series.

Examples :

Light liquid separator

CEWAC has developed a range of “class I” light liquid separators in rotomolded PE. They are designed to treat sewage collected from petrol stations, car parks and carwashes. .


Small waste water treatment system

CEWAC has created a small waste water treatment system for 6 PT. It works after the principle of a bacterial filter with a sequential command of the biological reactor. This system is used to treat waste water discharged by a family of six persons. The design has been studied for optimally stacking the tanks in order to increase the transport capacity.


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