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Pressure testing

The principle of pressure testing is very simple: it consists in placing a device under pressure and observing what happens.


Tests under pressure can be performed for several purposes:

  •  Leak test
  • Control of the mechanical resistance
  • Burst test

Some examples of the tested devices: gas filters, tubes, valves, heat exchangers, metallic and plastic vessels…

Here are some standards we use:

-          API 598

-          EN 13185

-          EN 13184

-          EN 13445

-          Client requirements

Limits of our test bench:

-          Maximal pressure: 2000 bars

-          Fluids: water, oil, air, nitrogen, helium.

We perform this kind of test in laboratory as well as on site. The measured data (temperature, pressure…) can be logged and included in our test report.



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