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Custom made tests

Each year, we perform custom made test for which we study and realize a test bench. Some of them become test under accreditation. We have several kinds of sensors (temperature, pressure, force, mass, noise, torquemeter…) and we develop our own data acquisition programs to be able to modify them on demand.

Here are some examples of the custom tests we have performed :

  • Characterization of a rain filter


  • Pressure test on a tank dedicated to burying of nuclear waste



  • Test bench to characterize a small wastewater treatment system according to EN 12566-3
  • Fatigue testing, hydraulic characterization, drop test on a perfusion device
  • Helium leak test and pressure test on force sensors

  •           Fire test on pyro jackets

  • Characterization and cryogenic testing on heat exchangers
  • Centrifugal pumps characterization (flow/pressure)
  • Flow coefficient (Cv/Kv) measurement (EN 1267)
  • Sustain pressure test and/or burst test on metallic devices (tubes, exchangers, gas filters…) and plastic vessels (tanks)
  • Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics - Low temperature tests - Impact test on loop (EN 1876-2)
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic fatigue testing
  • Characterization and hydropneumatic cycling on hydraulic accumulators


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