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Fire testing

The fire safe test places a device (valve, gasket…) under pressure in an environment simulating a fire on a plant. This includes a burning period of 30 minutes, followed by a forced cool down with water. 30 minutes is the average time for the emergency service to extinguish the fire on a plant. During and after the fire exposition, the seat leakage is measured as well as the tightness of the seals. At the end of the test, the operability of the valve is tested when trying to open it.

All the measured data (temperature, pressure, leakage) are logged and included in our test report.

The fire safe test can be performed according to the following standards:

  •      API 607
  •      ISO 10497
  •      BS 6755
  •      API 6FA
  •      API 6FB
  •      Client requirements

Our fire safe test bench has been engineered and realized in-house.

Limits of our test bench:

-          Pressure: 500 bars, class 2500

-          Weight of the valve: 2 tons




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