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Cryogenic testing

Low temperature tests are performed on devices to define their pressure containing capability while immersed in a nitrogen bath or in a controlled cold atmosphere from 0°C to minus 150°C. Tests at ambient temperature and elevated temperature can also be performed (up to 400 °C).

The measured parameters are the tightness of the body and the seats, as well as the controllability after the exposure time. During the tests, we also measure torque to open/close the valve. All these data, as well as the cycling, are logged and included in our test report.

Limits of the test bench:

  • Maximum testing pressure: 300 bar (gas).
  • Maximum torquing measurement : 20.000 N.m
  • Maximum weight of the valve: 2 tons
  • Lowest temperature: - 196 °C

The laboratory can also performed low fugitive emissions and design validation testing.

We perform low temperature testing according to the following standards:

  • Cryogenic/low temperature: ISO 28921-1, BS 6364, SHELL
  • Low fugitive emissions: ISO 15848-1
  • Design validation testing according to Shell specification MESC SPE 77/300
  • Client requirements


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