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The Industrial Hydraulics laboratory from the CRM Group - CEWAC was founded in 1992. From then on, we have been performing services, tests, studies and applied researches for the industry, especially for VSEs and SMEs, in the fields of water and gas technologies.

In our laboratory, we study and optimise fluid flow conditions, either by actual experiments and/or by numerical simulations, and perform applied researches for various applications such as:

-          Environmental (water purification, heat recovering, grey water recycling, biomethanisation, energy, hydroelectricity…),

-          Industrial (pumps, valves, (µ)turbines…),

-          And medical (perfusion and infiltrator devices).

Some of our skills:

-          Feasibility studies,

-          Design, development and realization of technological demonstrators, pilot units and/or industrial prototypes,

-          Experimental validation and characterisation on pilot units and prototypes,

-          Design, development and realization of tailor made, client specific or standardized test benches,

-          Help for PED and CE marking

-          Data acquisition.

Furthermore, we perform tests for characterisation and for quality control of products/processes/workflow in a laboratory environment as well as on site. Having various means available for recreating extreme conditions and even cycling (low as well as high frequencies), testing at low/high temperatures, under pressure, under vacuum and fire testing are possible.

-          Determination of the class and the nominal size of separator systems for light liquids (EN 858-1) and grease (EN 1825-1) ;

-          Cryogenic type-testing of valve under pressure ;

-          Fire type-testing of valve under pressure (ISO 10497/API 607/API 6FA).

-          Measurement of fugitive emissions of valves under pressure (ISO 15848) ;

-          Helium leak detection: local/global detection, sniffing, pressure rise;

-          Leak testing by pressure drop;

-          Characterisation of centrifugal pump (flowrate/pressure) ;

-          Fatigue testing ;

-          Experimental measurement of the flow coefficient Cv/Kv of valves up to DN50 ;

-          Custom-made tests on heat exchangers, connections, hydraulic accumulators, etc.


Our hydraulic test laboratory is ISO 17025 approved for several tests (list on demand).

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