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Microscopic testing

Macroscopic testing

This testing is often used for the examination of welds. After cutting, polishing and etching, the fusion zone, the heat affected zone and the distribution of passes are clearly visible and the interpretation is possible. (Maximum magnification generally used 10x).

Application fields :

  • Qualification of welding procedures and welders
  • Production monitoring
  • ...

Microscopic testing

Structure studies

The aim of this examination is to determine the metallurgical structure of materials. After cutting, polishing and etching, the structure is inspected.

Application fields : Conformity of heat treatments, research of particular structures, cracks, micro-defects …


Measurement of coating thickness

Microscopic examination can also indicate, by use of measurement software, the thickness of the surface coatings.

Application fields : Galvanizing, nickel plating, copper plating…

Grain counting

Grain counting is an examination of the structure performed in order to obtain the number of grains per surface unit; we can also evaluate the grain size.


Application fields : Verification and monitoring of heat treatments …




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