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COFREND certified level 2 operators


Two members of the hydraulic laboratory are now COFREND certified level 2 operators in leak testing for pressure variation and tracer gas.

Leak testing is a mean to detect, quantify and sometimes locate defects in various applications. The hydraulic laboratory performs regularly tests according to several techniques, in the laboratory as well as on site:

-          Bubble method

-          Tracer gas (helium): sniffing, accumulation, local spray of global helium

The tests according to ISO 20485 (Non-destructive testing — Leak testing — Tracer gas method) are performed under accreditation.


We also use the tracer gas when we perform low fugitive emissions testing according to ISO 15848-1(also performed under accreditation) and to SHELL MESC 77/300.

-          Pressure variation: pressure drop/rise

Leak tests by pressure drop according to EN 13184 are performed under accreditation.

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